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Diabetes Risk Reduced by Weight Loss Surgery

Developing type 2 diabetes can often be related to obesity in many patients. Individuals that are obese often are at risk of developing both type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Recent studies indicate that weight loss surgery procedures could reduce the risk of diabetes in patients. There seems to be some direct correlation between type […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery by Da Vinci

According to an article in The Atlantic, approximately 200,000 people in the U.S. get bariatric surgery each year. Gastric bypass surgery has come a long way since it was first introduced, and medical technology has taken it one giant leap further with the introduction of the robotic gastric bypass by the Da Vinci Surgical System. […]

How Gastric Bypass Helps Cure Depression and Anxiety

Gastric bypass surgery offers patients a means of managing their weight loss. The surgery is also believed to have some connection to a decrease in depression and anxiety. During gastric bypass, the stomach is made smaller through surgery, and a portion of the system is avoided taking food directly to the lower intestine. This means […]

Why You Should Attend a Support Group After WLS

Weight loss surgery helps obese individuals lose excess weight when they were previously unable to on their own. There are different types of weight loss procedures to choose from, all of which have an extensive recovery time. The success of your weight loss surgery relies on your diet and exercise and the support you get. […]

Obesity Increases Acid Reflux Disease

Obesity has devastating effects on every organ system of our body. Heart, liver, and brain are the most affected organs, but the function of other body organs and systems is also very much disturbed by excessive weight. The digestive system remains permanently sick in obese people, and they often complain of heartburn, dyspepsia, raw water […]