Why You Should Attend a Support Group After WLS

Why You Should Attend a Support Group After WLS

Weight loss surgery helps obese individuals lose excess weight when they were previously unable to on their own. There are different types of weight loss procedures to choose from, all of which have an extensive recovery time. The success of your weight loss surgery relies on your diet and exercise and the support you get. Attending a local support group with others who have had a similar surgery lets you reach out to people who understand what you are going through because of personal experience.

Improved Motivation

The first benefit you get from a weight loss surgery support group is increased motivation. While you are motivated by the desire to lose weight and be healthy, you can get a bigger push with one of these support groups. You hear experiences from other members, such as a mother who is suddenly able to play outside with her child or an older adult who has battled diabetes and heart disease because of their continued weight loss. These types of stories and the other members of the group help motivate you throughout your journey.

Exchange Tips and Resources

Exchanging tips and getting more education about weight loss is another great thing to get from support groups. Even before your surgery, it is advisable that you start attending a support group because they can provide you with tips for getting through recovery, choosing what to eat, and developing an exercise plan. Each support group session has a different topic, whether it is talking about nutrition, emotional problems, or participating in activities. You can get resources from other members as well.

Find Workout Buddies

Since the support group is local to you, you might even find some workout buddies. While you can exercise on your own, and you might prefer it, there are some benefits to choosing to work out with others. They can keep you motivated and push you on days when you don’t have the energy to complete your workouts. If you’re looking for a workout buddy, choosing someone from your weight loss surgery support group is an excellent source.

Get Emotional Support

After weight loss surgery, you may experience some emotional or psychological changes you weren’t expecting. Losing weight, recovering from surgery, and having a brand new lifestyle can take its toll. The support group also becomes a group counseling session where you can share your grievances and learn from others who understand exactly what you’re going through.


Finally, a support group can give you validation on your journey so far. It helps you learn if what you’re feeling is normal, if you’re eating right, exercising enough, and if the changes in your life are healthy after surgery. There is nothing compared to talking with others who have had the same surgery.

Aside from these many reasons for attending a support group after weight loss surgery, also keep in mind that doctors and other medical professionals become speakers of these groups to help provide valuable medical advice.

There are also online support groups, including Facebook Support Groups.