Patient Testimonials



megans before and after photo

“I’m down 65 pounds! 4 months post-op, losing was a lot slower this month, but still losing ? 285lbs to 220lbs! Thank you, Dr. Ceja!” – Megan, Gastric Bypass

Katie with Dr. Ceja

“I had him on 1/22 – for RNY bypass. He was great and very attentive. He saw me before surgery, at night after surgery and day after surgery. He came in to see how I was doing and answer any questions I had. He wasn’t able to visit me last night but he sent another dr to check in on me. The staff here is fantastic. I check out tomorrow but feel like I could today! Walk walk walk as much as you can to help with gas.” – Kati P, Gastric Bypass


“He’s great. Shy a bit and not the best English but was very knowledgeable. Everything has been as expected. His assistant was amazing. He came in every day to see me and had great English.” – Paige S, Mini Gastric Bypass


“I had him in January. He came to my room to introduce himself. He did a great job with my surgery. No complications either. He was great” – Rachel F, Gastric Sleeve


“Dr. Ceja’s so nice and answered all of our questions. The nurses all said he’s a very very particular and thorough doctor.” – Rachel D, Gastric Sleeve


“He was good and his nurse is thorough” – Jodie D, Gastric Sleeve